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The aims of the Ration Shed are:

  1. To help build a stronger community in Cherbourg;
  2. To welcome people into the Community of Cherbourg;
  3. To achieve reconciliation through education, collaboration and friendship;
  4. To elevate Aboriginal Culture and celebrate the achievements of the Community and its People;
  5. To promote understanding of our story through visits to the Ration Shed Museum;
  6. To assist in the economic development of Cherbourg and the region.

We are raising funds to support our educational and cultural tourism programs which are proving to be successful with school and visitor groups in the South East Queensland region. Our programs enable a better understanding of our First Peoples and their traditional life as well as what it has meant to live under the Aborigines Protection Acts in place in Queensland through most of the 20th Century.  The Ration Shed also provides opportunities for local residents to gain employment while developing new skills across a range of interests and occupations

The Ration Shed Museum is run by the Cherbourg Historical Precinct Group Inc., an Aboriginal operated non-profit organisation that has been working successfully in Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement in South East Queensland for 8 years. For further information please explore our website:

Please donate to the Ration Shed.

From the smallest amounts to the largest, we welcome and recognise your contribution.