Many Threads is a weekly women's meetup doing deadly craft projects and enjoying each other’s company providing a place of support, love, fun and laughter.

For several years, projects specifically for women have been taking place at the Ration Shed Museum.

All have a focus on women’s experiences of family, friendship, history, creativity, health and wellbeing. Women of all ages are involved, from young girls to our cherished Elders.

We get together to celebrate Cherbourg women’s talent, strength and resilience. The projects recognize that while Cherbourg people share a common history, there are aspects of life that have special meaning for particular groups and some matters are sensitive, needing time and space to work through.

We find that art, craft and processes such as the Yarning Circle help us to address issues that have great historical significance, but also contemporary meaning in Cherbourg today. We believe that these workshops and projects are something really special and we want to share what we have been doing with other people and communities in the hope that they will find inspiration in our efforts.