A small P – 6 school situated approximately 20 minutes drive outside of Ipswich City Their school situated on Yuggera Country, have been utilizing resources found at the Ration Shed.

Our Class have been learning about our early Australian history through the lens of our First Nations people. We are indebted to the Ration Shed Museum in Cherbourg for their many valuable resources to help us learn about what life was like for our First Nations people before and after white settlement, and how these changes have affected the lifestyle, health and well-being of our First Nations people. We are especially grateful for Uncle Eric Law and to Stacy Christensen for their tireless efforts in investigating and finding answers to the additional, ‘unanswered’ questions that our class generated from reading and discussing the Ration Shed book. We had many in-depth conversations Via email with Stacy and uncle Eric and thoroughly enjoyed there knowledgably responses.

Next term we look at the significance of ANZAC Day, examining the national day through the lens of our First Nations soldiers, using the Boys from Barambah book as stimulus for discussion(available through our online store).

We Thank you once again to the workers at the Ration Shed for providing these valuable resources for us and helping us gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for our First Nation’s people’s history!