What We Offer

On the Ration Shed Precinct you can choose from the various activities and venues that we offer:

Tours and Educational Programs for schools, institutions and groups


  • Life under the Aboriginal Protection Act (in the Ration Shed building)
  • Boys from Barambah – our people in the Anzacs (Office building)
  • Our people in services (Memorial Park)
  • Domo – life in the Dormitories (Boys’ Dormitory building)
  • Cherbourg in the 1930s – by Caroline Tennant-Kelly (Boys’ Dormitory building)
  • Barambah-Cherbourg arts and crafts (Boys’ Dormitory building)
  • Play the Ball – sport in Cherbourg (Boys’ Dormitory building)
  • Strong Women Shadow Boxes (Boys’ Dormitory building)
  • Barambah Pottery 1970s and 80s (Pottery House)
  • Many Threads – Women’s stories (Domestic Science building)


Called the “Dilly Bag” – made for our iPads which use augmented reality to enhance the experiences of the various exhibitions at the Ration Shed. We also offer a downloadable general Visitors app to guide the visitor around the Precinct and through the exhibitions.

Art with Yidding Artists and Pottery at the Pottery House

Explore the precinct

  • The Ration Shed and large deck
  • The Superintendent’s Office
  • Sculpture garden with spectacular table
  • Old “Whites only” toilet
  • Boys’ Dormitory, including Conference Room, Meeting Room (the Elders’ Room), exhibitions and toilets
  • Yidding Art studio
  • Bough Shed outdoor art studio
  • Pottery House
  • Domestic Science building

Hire our venues for events, conferences and meetings

Ration Shed Shop

You can browse and purchase local art and pottery, our publications and videos, clothing and many fine mementoes and original Aboriginal products in the Ration Shed Shop, located in the Office Building.

Over the years we have made a significant effort to ensure the Precinct is a child-friendly and wheelchair all access environment.

Click here for Museum hours and pricing. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Ration Shed Museum, or click here to make an online booking enquiry.

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