Cherbourg Memory

The Cherbourg Memory is an interactive digital archive and narrative tool which documents, elucidates and expounds on the family, clan and community histories of the Aboriginal peoples of the Cherbourg Aboriginal settlement in South East Queensland.

Over the last 15 years we have (and continue to) researched, sourced, gathered, digitized and uploaded many thousands of photographs, oral history recordings, documents, language traces, maps, video, etc that date from pre non-Indigenous settlement in the region, through to the creation of Barambah-Cherbourg in 1899 to the present day.

The goals of the project are to reclaim the archives of the Barambah-Cherbourg community and to familiarize Cherbourg community members with the interactive possibilities of the Memory which will enable them to create personal, family and clan histories in a secure environment.

You can access the Cherbourg Memory and explore a decade-by-decade narrative of the Barambah-Cherbourg settlement or explore various themes (eg work, education, the dormitories) or individual photographs and videos on timelines.

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